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Get our FIT TIPS for August Activities

August is a big month for most of us. It can include summer travel, vacation, seasonal cleaning, back to school, sports, new activities and returning to old ones. Read our FIT TIPS to take on your August Activities.  Much of the work we do at FITFOREVER is around fitness for living and for life. This… Read more »

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Why Tubes? Tubing- Why We Love it so Much at FITFOREVER

Muscle Challenge, Access, Ease of Use, Flexibility, and Price are the key benefits of resistance tubing from FITFOREVER. Tubes are said to be the “great democratizer” in fitness because they are a fraction of what other types of exercise equipment cost. And yet, tubes pack a huge punch in terms of adding to the challenge… Read more »

Move Your Ass! The Top 3 Approaches to Resuming Workouts

You won’t get the ass you want by sitting on it. It’s more important to move our bodies now more than ever. Our bodies are designed to move, but COVID restrictions have limited us from doing just that. Movement and exercise are more than just keeping the body in shape. Movement goes beyond that and… Read more »

What Happens to Your Energy Levels When You Start Working Out?

What happens if you do: Enhanced vigor and mental clarity, and more capacity for exercise.  What happens if you don’t:  That dull-and-sluggish feeling One in four people suffers from general fatigue that’s not associated with a serious medical condition. You’re beat, for no particular reason. It may sound strange, but science shows that expending energy… Read more »

Mobility or Flexibility: Which is Better?

What is the difference between mobility and flexibility? While both of these terms describe the movements of muscles and joints, there is a major difference between passive range of motion and active range of motion. Many people think mobility and flexibility are the same thing and that some simple stretching before or after a workout… Read more »

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Bone and Joint Health: Training Your Brain to Commit to Exercise

We know we should. We feel ashamed and guilty when we don’t. We notice the external signs of an out-of-shape body — abs in absentia, thighs as dimpled as loaves of Wonder Bread, buttocks that are pendulous instead of perky, and jiggling “Hi, Betty” upper arm, rather than defined triceps. Training your brain to commit to… Read more »

FIT EATS: The Power of Plants

What if I told you that one of the best ways to lose weight, and get healthier, was less about cutting certain foods out of your diet, but was instead about adding the right foods to your diet?  No, I am not pitching a “new breakthrough” diet. Rather, what I am proposing is that you… Read more »

The FITFOREVER Approach: Train Movement, Not Muscles

One of the most important things about FITFOREVER is that the experts who put the program together are such deep disciples of WHOLE BODY exercise. FITFOREVER Instructor and Co-Creator, Bill Fabrocini, has been stressing all his professional life that the point is to “Train movements, not muscles.” The old technique was to isolate and train muscles. Awful dumb…. Read more »

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Will Exercise Improve My Mental Health and Mood?

What happens if you do: You can put a serious dent in chronic depression and anxiety What happens if you don’t: You may become unnecessarily dependent on antidepressant and anxiety medications that have side effects.