Chris Crowley


Bestselling co-author, (with the late NY internist and Columbia Medical School professor, Henry S. Lodge, MD), of the “Younger Next Year” books (one for men, one for women), which have sold over two million copies in over 23 languages. The books have been called “The Boomers’ Bible” and “the best thing ever written” about fitness and wellness for people over 40. They have become cult books for those generations. Chris’s current book with Aspen “back-healer of last resort” Jeremy James is The Younger Next Year Back Book published in 2018.

The new Back Book was sparked by and written with Chris’s good friend, Dr. Jeremy James. Jeremy has had an astonishing success rate with his unique protocol. Much like the lessons of the other “Younger Next Year” books, the message is that whole body behavioral change can profoundly affect quality of life. Only this time, the change is the elimination or radical reduction of back pain..”

After retirement Chris and his wife, the portrait painter Hilary Cooper, moved to Aspen, Colorado, for five years, where she painted and he lived out his old dream of being a ski bum and leading the vigorous outdoor life. During that period, he got the idea for what would become the “Younger Next Year” books. Today Chris and Hilary live in New York City and Lakeville Connecticut, in the Berkshires. They have three children, six grandchildren, and Olive, a Havanese mountain dog (there are no Havanese mountain dogs, but Olive comes close).