Get our FIT TIPS for August Activities

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August is a big month for most of us. It can include summer travel, vacation, seasonal cleaning, back to school, sports, new activities and returning to old ones. Read our FIT TIPS to take on your August Activities. 

Much of the work we do at FITFOREVER is around fitness for living and for life. This means we provide you with training to give you everything you need to execute every movement that matters to you. When we talk about balance, stability and flexibility, it is always in support of the movements you are doing in your life as a part of regular activity. But during certain months of our lives, we are challenged in new and different ways. This can be a high-risk time for injury. Keep these FIT TIPS in mind. 

FIT TIPS: Summer Travel and Vacation 

  • Avoid back pain. Readjust your position every 30 minutes, and stand up and walk every hour when traveling. 
  • Loading luggage and lifting anything. Shorten the distance between your lever arm and the item you will be lifting. Keep items you are lifting close to your body. Keep a strong core and neutral spine. 

FIT TIPS: Seasonal Cleaning 

  • Spring and summer cleaning. It’s about those glutes when lifting boxes. 
  • Use a step stool to get you closer to items and avoid straining. Use a buddy for very heavy items. 

FIT TIPs: Back to School 

  • Reentering the school year schedule and activities? Time to practice your agility. A variety of moments helps your body build minor muscle groups which support your spine through movements. 
  • If you or your loved ones are carrying backpacks and messenger bags daily, use both straps on a backpack, and/or balance the weight of a bag and use good posture to avoid injury. 
  • Set a flexible schedule and goals. Flexibility in your body and your life will benefit your goals and everyone’s peace of mind. Consider giving yourself a range of time to complete your to-dos like your Today’s FIT Daily workout, complete with warmup and cool down. 


  • Whatever is happening in your life, make time for you. Complete your Today’s FIT Workout daily to stay loose, strong and flexible. Your program is designed for you and is the best thing you can do for your fitness.  Make your workout a priority to keep you balanced and reduce the overall stress that summer, travel and school can come with. 

FIT TIP: Celebrate Your FITNESS With Us. Join our lifting group

As a part of back to school, we are celebrating that we can pick up our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, little brothers and sisters and all the little ones you love. Send us a photo of you picking up your favorite kiddo and remember to use good form (glutes, glutes, glutes). Are there other movements you are happy you can do thanks to your workout? We want to hear all about the next level of lifting you’re doing in your life. 

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