Simple digital fitness programs from leading doctors and biomechanics experts that you can do at home with little to no equipment.

Our focus is on a highly functional body that feels great. Looking great is just a wonderful side effect. FITFOREVER video-based learning uses simple, safe, non-intimidating exercise routines you can do from the convenience of your home.

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20 minutes to start your day can
change your life.

"20 minutes a day to a radically better you. Fitter, smarter, better able to resist disease.  Cutting edge science for a cutting edge you. This stuff works!"

- Chris Crowley | Co-Author

NYT Best-Selling Younger Next Year Series


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Follow our simple exercise routines from any device. Anywhere. Anytime.

At home, in the gym, or outside, we’ve got you covered.

Our program works on your time - optimized to fit your environment, goals and schedule.

"FITFOREVER is the best program available to get strong and flexible in a safe, healthy way. I use these 20 minute routines to stay in shape for my active lifestyle of mountain biking, skiing, and golf."

- Justin Leonard

12 Time PGA TOUR winner

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Take the James Whole Body Method™ self-assessment to create a unique program for you. Focus on your flexibility and strength deficiencies to protect your joints and improve your body.

Step 2

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Create a foundation of a strong, resilient core, hips and shoulders. Improve balance, increase flexibility.

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Take your fitness level to your highest potential without the fear of injury. Designed by our team of medical experts, our program contains hundreds of easy-to-follow workout videos you can do right from home.

Offering personalized programs for every fitness level and body type, FITFOREVER is based on Dr. Jeremy James’ years of experience treating and training Olympic and professional athletes and everyday hardworking people as director of the renowned Aspen Club Back Institute in Aspen, Colorado.


Dr. James is also co-author of the bestselling Younger Next Year Back Book. Jeremy has now teamed up with his other Younger Next Year authors and renowned spine surgeon Todd Albert MD, Chief Surgeon Emeritus of Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City, to bring FITFOREVER to everyone who wants to safely reach their fitness goals from the convenience of their home.


Our method is simple: We help you build a strong, pain-free body to achieve your best life. FITFOREVER is simple, safe and it works.

Dr. Jeremy James and The Younger Next Year Back Book

"When it comes to physical fitness, age is truly just a number. I’ve seen 40-year-olds move like they’re 80, and I work with 80-year-olds who move like they’re 40. Commit to the right exercise program, and you’ll feel your best for decades to come.”

- Dr. Jeremy James, FITFOREVER Founder

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At FITFOREVER, Feeling Great is the Focus of Fitness. Give it a shot and we promise you won't regret it.

In fact, we guarantee it.

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