Dr. Jeremy James assists with Birddog

Get our FIT TIPS for August Activities

August is a big month for most of us. It can include summer travel, vacation, seasonal cleaning, back to school, sports, new activities and returning to old ones. Read our FIT TIPS to take on your August Activities.  Much of the work we do at FITFOREVER is around fitness for living and for life. This… Read more »

Side Plank with Tube

Why Tubes? Tubing- Why We Love it so Much at FITFOREVER

Muscle Challenge, Access, Ease of Use, Flexibility, and Price are the key benefits of resistance tubing from FITFOREVER. Tubes are said to be the “great democratizer” in fitness because they are a fraction of what other types of exercise equipment cost. And yet, tubes pack a huge punch in terms of adding to the challenge… Read more »