The Two Most Important Questions to Ask When Choosing A Fitness Program

man with his trainer helping to stretch his glutes fitforever online personalized fitness programs

If you asked a hundred people what their New Year’s resolution was, the response from the vast majority would have something to do with fitness. We all know we need to exercise for overall health and wellbeing (whether we actually do it or not is a different story) and current research points to the ability to prevent certain diseases and even postpone the negative effects of aging for decades through exercise.

You’d think that making the commitment is the biggest challenge – but then it comes time to select the right program for your fitness level, lifestyle, time constraints and personal preferences – there’s a lot out there to choose from. We’re surrounded by images of perfectly sculpted, sweat-misted twenty-somethings achieving workout Nirvana on bikes or rowers or heaving truck tires, but maybe that’s not quite you. So, where to begin your search? Ask yourself these two most important questions:

What is the Margin of Safety?

As you hit your 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, it’s important to consider your risk of injury. Choosing an exercise program like FITFOREVER that emphasizes proper form, good posture and alignment is a great place to start.

Because our workouts are designed by medical professionals and experts in biomechanics, we prioritize a high margin of safety by always ensuring that the load on your joints is minimized. Within the design of each exercise, we strive to improve your movement patterns and teach you how to move in different planes which has practical applications to the bending and lifting you do everyday and to the sports you enjoy.

Choosing an exercise program with a high margin of safety means you know you know you’ll get stronger and improve the way you move while minimizing the risk of getting hurt.

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What are You Trying to Achieve?

We’ve established that you know you need to workout, but what are you actually trying to achieve? If you’re in your 50’s, you’re probably not trying to look like the aforementioned, perfectly sculpted twenty-somethings. Sad to say, that ship may have sailed. It’s time to re-think the “why”.

More realistic goals may include improving your current level of physical activity or performance in sport, free of pain and injury. Moving fluidly as you age without joints complaining every time you get up from a chair. Maintaining or improving balance. Being able to rotate and react quickly and safely if you happen to slip off a curb. In short, meeting the demands of everyday life with a highly functional, powerful body that feels (and looks) great.

In the words of FITFOREVER Founder, Dr. Jeremy James,

“When it comes to physical fitness, age is truly just a number. I’ve seen 40-year-olds move like they’re 80, and I work with 80-year-olds who move like they’re 40. Commit to the right exercise program, and you’ll feel your best for decades to come.”