The FITFOREVER Approach: Train Movement, Not Muscles

One of the most important things about FITFOREVER is that the experts who put the program together are such deep disciples of WHOLE BODY exercise.

FITFOREVER Instructor and Co-Creator, Bill Fabrocini, has been stressing all his professional life that the point is to “Train movements, not muscles.” The old technique was to isolate and train muscles. Awful dumb. The whole point of working out is to be able to do stuff. To get the heavy stuff out of the trunk of the car, to be able to bike fifty miles, to ski the bumps. You train your body to use your body. Nothing else makes sense.

And the fact is…

When you move and exercise, you routinely use your whole body or major portions of it.  Not just the big muscles, like your biceps and quads but the little guys too, which manage the minor adjustments which have everything to do with maintaining your balance and coordination and sense of where you are.  And you don’t train any of them to work alone … they all work in concert, all the time. Don’t misunderstand: there is some room for isolating and building strength in major muscles, especially in recovery from surgery or an accident, when you’ve lost a lot of muscle mass. But that’s the exception. Almost all the time, you want to train all your muscles – or big groups of them – to work in concert. Exercise is a concert, and your body has a rich, full orchestra. 

It takes a little while to get comfortable with doing complex, compound exercises but – once you get there – it feels great.

I know of no better way to get that training – short of hiring Bill whose busy schedule is filled with training Olympians and professional athletes. You can’t get an appointment with him but you CAN reap the benefits of his expertise by joining FITFOREVER. What are you waiting for?