KEEP IT UP! Motivational Tips from Expert Chris Crowley

The great quarantine is slowly coming to an end. We hope. But we ain’t there yet, and here are a few great tips.

  1. Over this next month – or two months or whatever – use the bit of extra time it gives you to try hard to develop a serious exercise habit. There is no question at all that working out SIX DAYS A WEEK FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE is the best possible thing you can do for your health, energy, optimism, effectiveness and – if you can believe it – raw intelligence.
  2. Do STRENGTH TRAINING  two or three days a week and aerobic exercise the other three or four. 
  3. Read Younger Next Year or just take it on faith: it will do more for you than any medicine, any diet. No one disagrees.  And it will take you all the way into your 80s as a healthy, vigorous man or woman who can still move and do stuff!  
  4. Need help and encouragement ? Fine. Sign up for Jeremy James’s  remarkable FITFOREVER streamed videos. It’s particularly important to do strength training correctly and Jeremy and his team show you how. And keep you motivated. And show you how to do it without a gym or whatever.

It is THE great way to USE the end of these harrowing times, to give yourself a gift that will last a life time.