Chris Crowley on: Aging – Laying the Heavy Timbers

Chris Crowley is ready to ski fitforever online personalized fitness programs

From Chris Crowley, creator and co-author of the New York Times bestselling Younger Next Year books.

Congratulations. You are embarking on a regimen that will change your life in astonishing and wonderful ways. Let’s talk about that for a minute, up front… set the darned old hook and get you committed. Then we’ll talk about the hard part in the next blog – about what you have to do. Don’t worry: it is not that bad. Well, it is that bad. But SO worth it. I’m a rotten athlete, lazy and self-indulgent. And about a thousand years old.  But I’m not a dope, I know the issues and I’ve been doing this stuff all the time for the last 15 years, with – I shyly say – amazing results.  

Okay,  the details: Follow Bill and Jeremy’s FITFOREVER exercise regimen and: you will reduce normal American aging by 70%, until close to the end of life. That is huge. Normal American aging is a slow, steady, decline, a downward curve, starting at 40 or 50 and lasting till the end: every year you get a little slower, more pain-racked, sicker, less amusing, grumpier, dumber, worse looking, worse company. Ugh! Sounds awful and it is. BUT do this FITFOREVER stuff and you will be about the same man, same woman, all the way out to the waterfall. Then you go to hell. But, look: In the meantime, you square the curve of aging, and that’s worth everything. I’d know; I am super old, I do this stuff religiously (despite being a lousy athlete and terminally self-indulgent) and I am alarmingly fit, healthy, energetic, sane and happy. And – weirdly – I have come to enjoy the process … the exercise itself.  

Second, and even more impressive, If you do this regimen you will eliminate – not delay but eliminate  – 50% of the risk of most major diseases and serious accidents. We’re talking heart attacks, strokes, adult onset diabetes (almost 100%), most cancers and (this is new) Alzheimer’s. There is nothing in traditional medicine (which is amazing when you need it) which comes close.

Beyond that, it makes you fit. Which is different and worth a ton. We’re talking flexible, strong, great aerobic capacity, probably a bit thinner and – on the emotional/mental side – optimistic, decisive and about 10% smarter, instead of dumber, like most aging people. 

That sounds like the kind of over-the-top nonsense you’d expect in a late night infomercial, except for this: it is absolutely true. Younger Next Year has been around for fifteen years, it is recommended by lots of doctors, and no one disagrees. No one.