Most golf videos are instructional, focusing on the swing, particular types of shot making or ways to improve certain facets of the game. For 12-time PGA Tour champion Justin Leonard and Dr. Jeremy James, while skills are important, they are nothing without the strength and mobility needed to relieve pain, prevent injury and optimize the body to maximize those skills.

They have teamed to develop GOLFFOREVER, a customized series of detailed videos available to be streamed anywhere. The research-based program amounts to a series of videos featuring the 1997 British Open Champion and 1997 and 2004 PGA Championship winner and others with step-by-step instructions to reduce pain and improve the physicality needed for optimal golf.

“There are so many gimmicks golfers spend thousands of dollars on every year, yet when it comes to the most important tool to playing great golf – your body – many don’t ever address it or even know where to start,” said Leonard. “That’s why I am so excited partner with Dr. James and provide a tool that helps every golfer build a body that allows them to improve their swing, gain distance and truly achieve their potential. Especially for those playing golf in pain, GOLFFOREVER can not only enhance their enjoyment of the game, but the quality of their lives.”

“Many people play golf as a form of exercise, but don’t realize that because the golf swing is an unnatural movement from a biomechanical standpoint, it can be damaging to their bodies if they don’t have the necessary strength, mobility and flexibility to repetitively withstand the motions,” added James, pain specialist and author of The Younger Next Year Back Book and founder of “I created the GOLFFOREVER program because, when followed correctly and consistently, any golfer can create a body primed and ready for golf, and minimize the need for doctors, prescription drugs and even extreme measures like surgery.”

GOLFFOREVER retails at $9.95 for the full series, accessible on tablet, desktop and mobile devices.

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