How To Use FitForever

Welcome to FITFOREVER!

Whether you exercise often or very rarely, this program has been carefully designed by doctors and expert trainers to help anyone safely build strength, flexibility and balance in a progressive manner, with a focus on joint health and injury prevention.


Step 1: Take the FITFOREVER SELF ASSESSMENT to learn your recommended skill level of exercises.

Step 2: Choose how you’d like to like to use the program:

Option 1: Follow the comprehensive programs we’ve created based on your unique level and goals. These can be found in the FITFOREVER WORKOUT PLANS section within downloadable PDFs.

Option 2: Use the program in a more open, less linear manner as you choose.


At Your Own Pace: The Daily Routines, Strength Workouts and other categories are provided in this format. Each exercise has its own short video which teaches you proper form. This format is best for beginners.

Follow-Along: These are workout videos in a “class style” format which are continuous 15-30 minute videos that you do right along with the instructor. All of our videos in this follow along format can be found in the FOLLOW-ALONG CLASSES tab. Videos in the Follow-Along format can also be found in other sections throughout the program.


Daily Routines: Simple, effective 15-20 minute routines you can do at home with no equipment. The most important part of your FITFOREVER program – presented in the At Your Own Pace format.

Strength Workouts: Twice weekly workouts that build functional strength in important areas. Presented in the At Your Own Pace format.

Follow-Along Workouts: A wide variety of workouts, all in the Follow Along format. Classes include yoga, TRX, High Intensity Interval Training, Back and Core, and much more. You can supplement or substitute these for the workouts in the Strength Workouts category when you feel ready.

No-Equipment Workouts: Challenging workouts you can do from home with nothing but a towel. Presented in both the At Your Own Pace and Follow Along formats.

Spine-Healthy Yoga: 15-30 minute yoga routines with a focus on back health, core strength and spine safety.

Stretching: Simple stretches provided in the At Your Own Pace format.

Balance Training: Workouts to improve balance provided in both the At Your Own Pace and Follow Along formats.

Foam Rolling: Movements and exercises to decrease pain and increase mobility using the foam roller. Presented in both the At Your Own Pace and Follow Along formats.

Pain Relief Techniques: Stretches and trigger point release techniques to relieve common aches and pains.